Outside Sculpture 2001–2009. Site specific work.

Leaving 2009. Portland stone and bronze.

Leaving, Portland stone and bronze sculpture
Leaving. Permanent collection Quennington.

Beehives 2005. Bronze. Glansevern Hall Gardens.

Beehives, cast Bronze sculptures

A selection of the plaster sculptures from Quiet (Memento) were cast in bronze. The reiterated shapes reflecting garden topiary.

Tabula Rasa 2005. Portland stone.

Tabula Rasa was first made for the small gallery at Glansevern Hall in Powys. It was exhibited outside in the garden, with photographs of Aberdovey exhibited inside the gallery. It was also shown at Undercover 2006, a group exhibition at Oriel Davis, and at Fresh Air 2007 Quennington.

Tabula Rasa 1, Portland stone sculpture
Tabula Rasa 1
Tabula Rasa 2, Portland stone sculpture
Tabula Rasa 2

Tabula Rasa is about loss and renewal. The surfaces of 20 tablets of Portland stone have been carved to resemble the changing surface of the beach after the tide has rushed over it. The edges of the stone have been pitched to form a rough untouched edge, like a torn piece of paper.

Tabula Rasa, Quennington
Tabula Rasa, Quennington
Tabula Rasa, studio
Tabula Rasa, studio
Tabula Rasa, studio detail
Tabula Rasa, studio detail

Site specific commissioned work for large gardens.

First Fruit 2004. Cast bronze. Knighton, Powys.

First Fruit, cast bronze sculpture
First Fruit
First Fruit, studio
First Fruit, studio

Set in a large garden on the border of Wales this was made for a frustrated gardener who was unable to grow a fig tree.

The Greening of Leaves 2003. Cast aluminium, Dingle Nurseries garden, Welshpool.

The Greening of Leaves, cast aluminium sculpture
The Greening of Leaves
The Greening of Leaves, detail
The Greening of Leaves, detail

A memorial to Roy and Barbara Joseph of the Dingle Nurseries. The same branch has been cast twice to form an identical pair. They have been set on a plinth with text by Barbara.

The Protagonist 2002. Cast aluminium with copper and bronze elements. Cwm Weeg, Dolfor, Powys.

The Protagonist, cast aluminium tree sculpture
The Protagonist
The Protagonist, cast aluminium tree sculpture detail
The Protagonist, detail

A small tree was cut from a thicket in the wilderness garden and cast in aluminium. Assuming the role of a solitary figure, it is defended by copper and bronze elements; a lance, a wing, primitive hunting horns and a furled banner. Whilst the other trees in the wilderness will change and mature The Protagonist will remain for ever unchanged.

Embarkation 2001. Cast aluminium. Glansevern Hall Gardens, Powys.

Embarkation, cast aluminium sculpture detail

A skeletal boat was constructed from found and cast branches and a sail. It was set on a tiny island on the lake and appears to have grown out of the landscape itself. It is a counterpoint to the changing seasons.

Embarkation, cast aluminium boat sculpture