More About the Work

Fragments of landscape, sometimes entire branches or saplings, are cast plated or used as found. I use them in a skeletal structure, the bones of the motif being described in outline. For the outdoor sculpture these individual elements are cast in bronze or aluminium and welded up. It is possible to make large sculpture in this way without it having a great mass and weight. It and can appear delicate, though on a large scale.

In the past few years I have been working directly with blackthorn, heather and seaweed, all immensely strong and durable. The tiny blackthorn Sea Structures from Falling Light are built up very slowly, thorn by thorn. When complete, I plate them in copper. This gives them strength without losing their apparent fragility. I use them as maquettes and as pieces in their own right. Blackthorn is also used as pins or nails to construct larger works such as North Wind, the boat sculpture from the project Darkness and Light.

I first started working with natural materials whilst making Embarkation, the boat from the exhibition Memento. I found a long branch of wild dog rose with a perfect curve. It was cast twice and I was thus able to begin to describe exactly the complex shape of the boat.

The prints are often concerned with imaginary situations and contain more narrative, with echoes of myths and fairytales. Narrative can be used as a device to extend time and create a separate dream like world. Drawing is a way of travelling backwards and forwards through the work, a means of reinvention. My preferred way of working is to make a complete project or exhibition using different elements, sculpture, print, drawing, and to allow the interaction between the works to create greater depth. I also enjoy working with others, where the unexpected and the unplanned can happen.

Enduring influences have been the Italian Arte Povera movement and the metaphysical melancholy and solitude found in paintings by de Chirico and Morandi. I also enjoy cartoons, as in early Walt Disney Loony Tunes, Noggin the Nog and The Clangers.