Frances Carlile
Sculptor and printmaker

I work directly with the landscape, both as a source of inspiration and of materials found. I use fragments of the real landscape from hedgerows, moorland and the sea shore and construct them into fragile sculpture. I employ motifs of house, tree and boat to explore ideas of solitude, quietness and stillness. They provide a human scale and presence in an otherwise limitless landscape.

Floating Leaf Vessel
Floating Leaf Vessel
Sea Structures, House
Falling Light, Dusk
Falling Light, Dusk
Inside Out House
Etching Inside Out House

I use print to provide depth, to develop the work from another angle and for its rich narrative potential.

Forthcoming exhibition July 2021

Darkness and Light, a joint exhibition of sculpture print and film with Don Braisby and Jane Harding, exploring the uncertainty of the natural world. The Bleddfa Centre, Bleddfa, Knighton, Powys LD7 1PA

See Work in Progress for more about the project.