Frances Carlile
sculptor and printmaker

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Woodcut Falling Light

Falling Light from the Sea Change Project

I work directly with the landscape, both as a source of inspiration and of materials found. I use materials from hedgerows, moorland and from the sea shore, fragments of the real landscape. These are either cast or plated or used as found, and constructed into fragile sculpture. I use motifs of house, tree and boat to explore ideas of solitude, quietness and stillness. They provide a human scale and presence in an otherwise limitless landscape.

The prints are sometimes concerned with imaginary situations and contain more narrative, with echoes of myths and fairytales. Drawing is a way of travelling backwards and forwards through the work, a means of reinvention. My preferred way of working is to make a complete project or exhibition using different elements, sculpture, print, drawing, and to allow the interaction between the works to create greater depth. I also enjoy working with others, where the unexpected and the unplanned can happen.