About the work

I work in sculpture and print, both relief and intaglio. I have made a number of sculptures in the landscape of large gardens, but also make smaller more fragile work. My print practice initially grew out of small drawings that were made in parallel to the sculpture. I made them as a way of exploring imaginary space.

Rabbit with Box, etching by Frances Carlile
Rabbit with Box, etching

Landscape and narrative are threads that run through my work. They are often set in winter woodland. I have made a series of linocuts and etchings, Stills from Imaginary Fairy Tales, where landscape is used as a stage, within which an imaginary protagonist enacts a solitary drama. The protagonist may be present in the form of an animal, person or tree, or absent, leaving the stage empty. The images are sometimes set in sequence and take the form of an artists’ book.



Motifs of the house and domestic objects often occur in the work. These are sometimes entwined with or re expressed in terms of landscape. There is a constant tug between the interior domestic space and the outside world. For example in a recent seascape woodcut Glass Door, a wave reflected in the glass appears to be entering an empty room.

Glass Door, woodcut by Frances Carlile
Glass Door, woodcut.

The sculpture is often constructed directly from elements of the landscape itself, cast, carved or constructed. Sculpture and print can sometimes combined into one work.
All the work explores notions of solitude, quietness and absence.

Leaving, Portland stone and bronze sculpture by Frances Carlile
Leaving, Portland stone and cast bronze